Master Calm

Nervous horses 

When to use this feed
  • Excess stress
  • Ecitable and nervous behaviour
  • Impulsive, unpredictable and difficult to manage horses
The advantages of Master Calm ?
Scientifically proven benefits

Study presented to the Congress of ENUTRACO (Applied Equine Nutrition and Training) in Paris

« Master Calm feed reduces the peak heart rate during stress, and allows a faster return to the initial heart rate after stress. This feed reduces the reactions of fear and excitement.»

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Dr Boureau
Veterinary advices

Dr Vincent Boureau, graduated inter ENVF of veterinary behaviour

« To avoid the deleterious consequences of excessive stress, sometimes called over-stress, many actions can be taken. »

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Master Calm

Usage tips


Weight of horse





Light Work

3kg or 6 litres

3.4kg or 7 litres

3.8kg or 8 litres

4.2kg or 9 litres

Medium Work

3.8kg or 8 litres

4.2kg or 9 litres

4.6kg or 9.5 litres

5kg or 10.5 litres

Intense Work

4.2kg or 9 litres

4.6kg or 9.5 litres

5kg or 10.5 litres

5.4kg or 11.5 litres


Supplement to forage for horses

MASTER CALM should be used on its own, in addition to forage.  We recommend a minimum distribution of 1kg of hay per 100kg live weight, thus a distribution of 5kg per day for a horse weighing 500kg

Quantities should be adjusted according to the weight, body condition, age, level of activity, breed of the horse, taking into consideration the nature, quality and quantity of forage available.

Density = 480g/L

Data sheet




Download the data sheet

rating mme Cooper
Elaine C. on 2021-01-05 Bon
rating Improvement in her nervousness and concentration
Chaumeil c. on 2019-01-31 I use it on my dressage mare, who is very nervous and spooky at work. I have seen an improvement in her nervousness and concentration during my sessions.
rating He has become ‘zen’ and manageable
Marie A. on 2019-03-11 I have a very stressed horse. Since I gave him Master CALM, he has become ‘zen’ and manageable. Everyone around us has wondered about the reasons for such a change!
The taste of the feed seemed to surprise him a little at first, but he now eats it very well!

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Expert advice

Vincent Boureau's advices

« There are many ways to avoid the harmful consequences of excessive stress, sometimes called over-stress »

Master Calm Scientific study

A horse that is impulsive, emotional or easily spooked, during sporting activities or leisure, can create safety issues for the rider. A nervous...

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