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Ordre and delivery
Good service at command and delivery, but no rdv for the delivery as requested. Fortunately we were at home.
Nigel G. 2023-01-17
Fast and efficient service
Fast and efficient service. You have stuff that listen to the customer. I am very satisfied with the feed.
Marie L. 2019-04-02
Customer for more than 3 years and I am very...
I have been a customer for more than 3 years and I am very happy! I have changed stables 3 times and I have always kept my feed. I order on the site and I have never had any problems with delivery....
saveria t. 2019-03-20
Very satisfied
I am generally very satisfied with the Lambey feed that I bought. I have a 23 year old horse which suffers from recurrent ulcers. This has not been a problem since I started using your food.
Maud Q. 2019-03-20
I have bought Lambey products for a number of...
I have bought Lambey products for my horses for a number of years, and I am very happy with the products.
richard B. 2019-03-10
We are delighted with Lambey products.
Our horses consume Win’sor, Regul Digest and Master min regularly. In short, we are delighted with Lambey products.
Adelaide S. 2019-03-01
The range you offer is complete
The range you offer is complete. This is ideal for my stable, which includes the owners’ breeding stable, where my customers can choose according to their needs (work horse or retired horse).
Sebastien B. 2019-02-20
Suitable in each case
I am happy with these products; they are suitable in each case.
Marthe G. 2019-02-08
I have finally found products that fit my needs
My horses have been eating Lambey feed for over 3 years and I have not had any more health problems since. After several bad experiences with other brands, I have finally found products that fit my...
Céline M. 2019-01-26

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