Gastri Fiber

Digestive comfort

Grain free - No added sugar

When to use this feed
  • To be fed wet for horses that live in the pasture or that eat quickly.
  • Specially formulated for horses who suffer from sensitive digestion
  • During repetitive periods of stress: transportation, competition...
The advantages of Gastri Fiber ?
Scientifically proven benefits

Study presented at the Congress of AVEF (Association des Vétérinaires Equins FrançaisAssociation of French Equine Veterinarians)in Reims.

« The Regul Digest complex improves the horse’s gastric comfort." »

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Thierry Grisard
Veterinary advice

Docteur vétérinaire Thierry Grisard, spécialiste en Médecine et Chirurgie des Equidés

« The use of a feed specifically formulated for horses with sensitive digestion is of course recommended; and it is also important not to distribute a ration just before or just after work. »

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Usage tips
Gastric sensitivity Daily distribution
Moderate gastric sensitivity At least 1 to 2 kg or 2,5 to 5 liters per day
Divided between all meals.
Strong gastric sensitivity Full ration

Quantities should be adjusted taking into account the weight, body condition, age, activity level and breed of the horse, in addition to the type, quantity and quality of forage given.

Our recommendations:
- Distribute a minimum of 1.2 kg of hay per 100 kg of live weight
for horses on straw bedding and 1.5 kg per 100 kg live weight for
horses on shredded bedding.
- Leave a self-service salt stone and water at your disposal clean
at will.
- Ideally, divide the ration into at least 3 balanced meals.

Density = 400g/l

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