REGUL digest

Digestive comfort

When to use this feed
  • Specially formulated for horses who suffer from sensitive digestion

  • During repetitive periods of stress: transportation, competition...
The advantages of REGUL digest ?
Scientifically proven benefits

Study presented at the Congress of AVEF (Association des Vétérinaires Equins FrançaisAssociation of French Equine Veterinarians)in Reims.

« The Regul Digest complex improves the horse’s gastric comfort." »

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Thierry Grisard
Veterinary advice

Docteur vétérinaire Thierry Grisard, spécialiste en Médecine et Chirurgie des Equidés

« The use of a feed specifically formulated for horses with sensitive digestion is of course recommended; and it is also important not to distribute a ration just before or just after work. »

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Regul Digest

Usage tips
Digestive support Full diet
Stress situations

Competition, Transportation
1kg to 2kg or 2 to 4 litres per day divided across feedings.

Regul Digest should be used as a supplement to forage.

We recommend a minimum distribution of 1kg of hay per 100kg live weight, thus a distribution of 5kg per day for a horse weighing 500kg

Quantities should be adjusted according to the weight, body condition, age, level of activity, breed of the horse, taking into consideration the nature, quality and quantity of forage available.

Density = 500g/L

Data sheet




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rating No more sign of ulcers
emilie h. on 2018-12-02 I use the Regul Digest for my thoroughbred, who had ulcers. This feed has had very good effects: the recovery was fast (weight, good hair, tone and availability to work), and the signs of ulcers have disappeared.
rating At the next check-up, the ulcers were gone!
Karen k. on 2019-02-27 Veterinary examinations have revealed that my two horses have ulcers.
They were very stressed and had stomach ache.
Since they switched to Regul they are doing very well. They show no signs of pain and at the next check-up, the ulcers were gone!
The product has improved even more since adding long-stemmed alfalfa to the formula.
rating I have seen a big improvement !
Chaumeil c. on 2019-01-31 My mare has always had stomach problems. She had several omeprazole treatments that caused her stable vice in the box. I have seen a big improvement since the switch to Regul Digest. The mare is no longer agitated and she has regained some weight!
rating No more crises
Adelaide S. on 2019-03-01 My mare almost died after an ulcer crisis 4 years ago.
Since then she only eats Regul Digest at every meal.
She has not had any more crises.

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Expert advice

Thierry Grisard's advices

« To improve the success of the treatment and prevent relapses, it is important to introduce a tailored feeding and training plan.»

Digestive comfort Scientific study

Horses subject to intense exercise are at particularly high risk of gastric ulcers.

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