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Hydra Mash

Rehydrating mash for recovery after exercise

When to use this feed
  • At each important sweating: work, competition, transport, hot weather
  • When the horse does not drink enough
The advantages of Hydra Mash ?
Dr Julie Dauvillier

Docteur Julie Dauvillier, diplômée de l’ENVA, IPSAV, ACVIM, ECEIM

« In order to ensure a good hydration status of the horse during the competition, two points are essential:
1. Each day, choose a quality feed specially adapted to the sport horse. [...]
2. Plan a rehydration/electrolyte supplementation protocol for specific situations requiring it (long transport, competitions over several days, stay in a hot climate, post-cross recovery, etc.).. »

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Usage tips
During heavy sweating 1 kg or 2.5 L during the hour of recovery
Then 1 kg or 2.5 L during the meal following the effort
Intense and repeated efforts 1 kg or 2.5 L during the hour of recovery
Then 1 kg or 2.5 L during the meal following the effort
On hot days 1 kg or 2.5 L daily
During a transport 1 kg or 2.5 L the day before transport.
1 kg or 2.5 L after transport
Horse that doesn't drink enough 1 kg or 2.5 L daily

Add 1 volume of tempered water to 1 volume of Hydra Mash.

Hydra Mash is distributed in substitution of the usual feed and in addition to the forage.

Always leave water available for the horse

The quantities are to be adjusted according to the weight, the body condition, the age, the activity, the breed of the horse, as well as according to the nature, the quantities and the quality of the forage distributed.

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dose%20det-or-ombre.jpg Density = 460 g / L

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« You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. » *

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