Old Master

Older horses

When to use this feed
  • For older horses
  • Subject to stiff joints
  • Difficult to maintain in condition
The advantages of Old Master ?
Dr Valérie Deniau
Avis du vétérinaire

Docteur vétérinaire Valérie Deniaun, Alfort 1997, Dipl ECEIM

« If it is not rationally possible to prevent age-related physiological changes, medical, nutritional and hygienic monitoring can help to limit the consequences on the welfare of the horse. »

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Old Master

Usage tips
PWeight of horse Quantity
500 kg

 from 3 to 5 kg per day

~ 6,5 to 11 L per day

Old Master should be fed alongside forage. 

We recommend a minimum of 1kg of hay per 100kg of live weight, so a daily ration of 5kg of hay for a horse weighing 500kg

Quantities should be adjusted according to the weight, body condition, age, level of activity, breed of the horse, taking into consideration the nature, quality and quantity of forage available.

Density = 450g/l

rating Mme Cooper
Elaine C. on 2021-01-05 Bon
rating Maintain my old mare in good condition all winter
Laura C. on 2019-03-04 I use Old Master for my 22-year-old mare, which lives in the meadow. This mare is quite difficult to feed because she has a poor appetite and quickly loses weight. Old Master is a very palatable food without being too sweet, and she likes it a lot. This made it possible for her to maintain in good condition all winter, which is not easy! In addition, since this feed contains harpagophytum, it makes it possible to do without any additional supplement.
rating My 19 years old horse gained weight very quickly
Céline M. on 2019-01-26 My 19 year old horse was suffering from osteoarthritis after having a broken shoulder.
I could not keep it in good condition with 3 L per day and harpagophytum as a supplement.
When I switched his feed to Old Master, he gained weight very quickly, showing no sign of osteoarthritis, and now he is very fit. I give him only 1 L a day now, which is enough for him, and he loves it!
rating 33 years old and in great shape
Geneviève G. on 2019-03-31 My horses are 33 years old and are in great shape.
rating Enabled my old mare to regain some weight
Chaumeil c. on 2019-01-31 I have an old eventing competition mare, which has always been thin and very difficult to maintain in good condition! Old Master feed has enabled her to regain some weight.
This mare is a finicky feeder, but straight away she took to eating Old Master very well.
rating Allows us to keep the old horses in good condition
Sebastien B. on 2019-02-20 Using Old Master allows us to keep the old horses in good condition and specially to get some weight back on quickly, in the case of horses that sometimes arrive at the stable in bad condition.

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« Although it is illogical to try to prevent age-related physiological changes, ensuring that the horse receives the best medical care, food and hygiene...

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