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Flexy Master

Suppleness and Joint Protection


  • Considerable and repeated demands on the joints

  • Horses subject to joint stiffness
  • Regeneration : Glucosamine occurs naturally in joints.  It contributes to the reconstruction of cartilage.

  • Support : Chondroitin Sulphate occurs naturally in joints.  It contributes to the lubrication of cartilage.

  • Reinforce : Vitamins and minerals help build bone strength.

  • Protect : Natural antioxidants, Omega 3 and 6, vitamins C and E and selenium form a protective barrier for the joints.


Maize flakes, Wheat bran, Alfalfa, high temperature dried, Barley flakes, Barley puffed, Dicalcium phosphate, Cane molasses, Rape seed oil, Pea flakes, Calcium carbonate, Linseed extruded, Sodium chloride, Glucosamine, Carrot dried, Linseed oil, Chondroitin sulphate, Wheat germ.

Composition Analysis

Crude proteins 11 %
Crude fibre 8 %
Crude fats 5.5 %
Crude mineral material 6 %
Sodium 0.24 %
Starch 25 %

Technical Characteristics per Kg

Chondroitin sulphate    1000 mg
Glucosamine 5000 mg
Calcium 24 g
Phosphorus 12 g
Magnesium 2.5 g
Potassium 10 g
Digestible Nitrogen 76 g
Omega 3 6000 mg
Omega 6  17 000 mg

DOPING CONTROL PROCEDURE: Manufactured according to our quality control procedures which include the risk management of contamination of our feeds by naturally occurring substances that are banned under the rules of racing and equestrian sports.

Vitamins and Trace Elements per Kg

Vitamin A 15000 U.I. Folic acid 0.5 mg
Vitamin D3 2500 U.I. Choline chloride 201 mg
Vitamin E 300 mg Biotin 0.2 mg
Vitamin B1 11 mg Iron 100 mg
Vitamin B2 8 mg Copper 35 mg
Vitamin B6 8 mg Zinc 141 mg
Vitamin B12 0.03 mg Manganese 100 mg
Vitamin PP 20.5 mg Iodine 1.5 mg
Vitamin C 797 mg Cobalt 0.45 mg
Vitamin K3 0.9 mg Selenium total 0.31 mg
Pantothenic acid 6.5 mg

Amino Acids per Kg

Lysine 4.0 g
Methionine + Cystine 3.8 g
Methionine 1.8 g
Threonine 3.7 g
Tryptophan 1.3 g
Leucine 8.3 g
Arginine 5.7 g
Isoleucine 3.9 g
Valine 5.1 g
Phenylalanine 4.8 g



Cure/treatment 2kg or 4 litres per day for 20 days
Maintenance dose 1kg or 2 litres per day continuously

Feed as a replacement for the same quantity (in Kg) of the usual feed.

FLEXY MASTER should be used as a supplement to the usual feed and to forage.

Quantities should be adjusted according to the weight, body condition, age, level of activity, breed of the horse, taking into consideration the nature, quality and quantity of forage available.

Density = 480g/l